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Preconception Detox Protocol

The 3 months before conception is the most optimal time to detox the body from lifelong accumulations of environmental toxicants. Eliminating chemical residues can improve fertility for men and women, reduce chemical intrusions that may alter healthy fetal growth, enhance the opportunity for healthy pregnancies, and improve lifelong wellness for baby and parents.

Preconception Hormone Balancing
Taking time to balance hormones, improve pelvic circulation, and optimize female health improves healthy conception, implantation, and fetal growth. Improving hormone balance can take 3-6 months, and is best started within a year of anticipating conception. 

Enhancing Men's Preconception Health
Men may not carry children, but they contribute 50% genetically to your baby. Men's health is vitally important to well babies but often overlook and under attended to. Men's sperm health rates have been rapidly declining, but a great supplement protocol alongside a nutrient rich diet can rapidly improve health. Sperm takes 3 months to make, so begin a supplement protocol 3 months or more prior to conception to optimize men's vital role in conceiving healthy babies. 


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