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  • Live 3 part eLearning series

  • Detox and Nutritional supplements

  • Nutritional & Hormone lab tests

  • Private consultation with Dr. Sinsheimer

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Preconception Health

eLearning Series

3 Week Course for couples or individuals
Nutritional Optimization   •   Hormonal Balancing   •   Body Detoxification

Preconception Health

Preconception health and wellness, is the dedication to achieving optimal health prior to conceiving a baby to enhance and improve the life of your child. Having a child is the most momentous change in your life yet few plan health improvements prior to conception. Key changes the months prior to conceiving a child can alter the life path of your new child, the child's future health and success, and even your grandchildren's future health. The preconception program seeks to guide you and your impending family on your health journey.


The Program

The preconception health program ideally begins 3-12 months prior to conception. The program includes 3 key components for both future parents- nutritional optimization, hormonal balancing, and body detoxification.

Preconception Planning eLearning Series


​A 3 week course, meeting for 2 hours each time.


  • Live 3 part eLearning series

  • 21 Day detox kit for two, prenatal vitamins, men's multivitamin/mineral, pregnancy prep herbs

  • Lab Test: 34 vitamin, mineral & antioxidant lab test for both partners

  • Direct access to Dr. Shannon during the course of your e-learning series

Location & Contact Details

Tel: 760-568-2598     •     Email:     •     Login link emailed prior to each session

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