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Prepping for Pregnancy

The steps to prepare for pregnancy are best begun 6 months, minimum in advance. While this may seem like a long time, it is the minimum needed to improve nutritional status, detox the body, and balance hormones.

Diet and Nutrition

Key elements for a healthy baby making body are folate, vitamin D, omega fatty acids, selenium, and iron. These elements are only the absolute essential nutrients, but every vitamin, mineral, and amino acid in the body contributes to building a healthier baby. A fabulous pre-conception test to consider to evaluate nutritional status is Spectracell Micronutrient Test. This blood test evaluates 34 different nutritional elements of functional nutritional levels, ie. how you are directly absorbing nutrients into the body. In lieu of a test, beginning a good prenatal vitamin (Vitanica Maternal Symmetry) at LEAST 6 months in advance, preferably 1 year and a good men's multivitamin/mineral (Pure Encapsulation's Men's Nutrients). Both parents-to-be should also begin essential fatty acids (Pure Encapsulations EPA/DHA) to improve healthy fats in the body.

A diet rich in fresh foods and free of processed foods, trans fatty acids, and non-organic meats, fish, and produce will optimize nutritional status. Elimination of trans fats, fast food, overly processed and packaged foods will boost healthier sperm levels and enhance fertility as well as optimize baby's life long health.

Herbal Preparation

An herbal combination that tonifies the uterus, brings circulation to the pelvic floor to assist with embryo implanation, and balances hormones can drastically improve conception and fertility rates. The herbal combo Pregnancy Prep by Vitanica will assist with all of the above. This supplement is best started 6 months prior to conception, but beginning it at any stage of pre-conception wellness can help pregnancy success.


A detox program that includes liver, kidney, lymph detoxification elements, herbs and nutrients to pull toxins out and supports organ health, as well we a fiber blend to absorb and excrete toxins will release the body of potentially damaging elements. A detox for both parents-to-be 6 months in advance of conception. This is an essential part of a preconception wellness program. Toxic elements in our environment are contributing to the decline of health in our children. A program such as Designs for Health 21 Day Paleocleanse, can deeply detox the body in an easy to follow system.

Prepping for baby can feel overwhelming, fearful as you prepare for the unknown whether it is your 1st child or your 3rd, and questionable as "woman have been having babies for years" and didn't do this kind of work previously. However, we live in a different world now. We have never been this inundated with chemicals, the food quality has significantly declined, and babies and small children have more chronic health issues than ever before. Prepping for baby is an intelligent, loving choice for your family and I encourage all families and parents-to-be to participate in as much of prep program as stated above as they are able to. All changes towards making a healthy baby count!

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