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Getting Baby Ready

My own journey toward motherhood began with a lot of doubt about what exactly I wanted from my life and how I would ever find time in my already overly busy schedule to raise children. Or, raise children the way I wanted to. So, I began with me. How do I change to become a person who could raise children and put my own needs aside for them?

I began with a plan I had 'conceived' several years before to help couples bring healthier babies into this world. And, what a better way to engage in my own program then to complete the entire program with myself and my husband.

Getting our bodies ready and healthy made me feel empowered. It made me feel I could do this mother thing. I could put a child first and so could my husband. Yes, we had no children yet and a 21 day detox is certainly nothing like a screaming baby at 3am on no sleep. BUT, I was doing it. I was getting ready to welcome my future baby and doing it FOR that baby.

Preconception planning and thinking ahead with my health choices, financial choices, and lifestyle choices seemed at the time to be the beginning of motherhood. And while I had no idea what lay ahead with so many unanswered questions about how conception, pregnancy, early motherhood etc would play out, I knew I was doing MY best to begin our family's journey to one another.

5 years later, I have two healthy children with radiant smiles and I am still so proud of everything I did to welcome them and grow them in a healthy body.

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