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Enhancing Fertility Before Baby

Women, and men, who struggle to conceive OR who want to optimize their health prior to pregnancy can focus on a few simple changes to enhance fertility. Simple changes can balance hormones, enhance pelvic blood flow, reduce inflammation that inhibits implantation, and detox harmful fertility disrupting toxins.

1. Sleep!

Poor sleep quality and fatigue can alter hormones in men and women that directly effect fertility. Turn off all internet gadgets 1 hour before bed, store gadgets at least 15 feet away from your bed, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and regularly get 7-8 hours per night. There can not be enough said about how improving sleep hours and sleep quality can drastically enhance your health.

2. Multivitamin/mineral and Omega-3

Both men and women, need a high quality multi-nutrient and some type of Omega-3 supplement, daily. Always buy nutritional supplements at a health food store, and avoid harmful fillers and products that do not adequately supply the stated nutrients to your body.

3. Pregnancy Prep Herbs

A product called Vitanica Pregnancy Prep is a go to for enhancing pelvic blood flow and tonification, optimizing progesterone levels, and supporting the female structures necessary to conceive a baby. Using this product 6 months or more before conception enhances fertility.

4. Detox Program

Adhering to a 7-21 day structured detox program can eliminate harmful toxins stored in the body that disrupt fertility enhancing hormones and lower sperm quality. This is essential 6 months or more prior to conception.

5. Hydrate!

Drinking water detoxes and nourishes the body. It can also reduce stress on the body. Many people are in some state of mild dehydration throughout the day.

6. Exercise!

Moderate exercise 30 minutes per day can improve blood flow, detox the body, reduce stress and inflammation, and help to balance hormones.

7. Eat Great Food!

It is not enough to eat good food, to enhance fertility you must eat GREAT food. Non-hormone, organic grass fed animal proteins and dairy, plenty of organic green vegetables, and only clean eating choices outside the home. To nourish the body, reduce body stress and toxins loads, and to feed good hormones, great food quality and choices are a must. Eat fertility enhancing foods like yams, sweet potatoes, kale, nuts, lentils, eggs, and ground flax seed.

For couples experiencing fertility issues, you may have tried the above but keep trying to actively engage in healthy choices. For couples seeking to conceive that simply want to enhance fertility, consider all of the above at least 6 months prior to conception.

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