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The Importance of Preconception Detoxing

A landmark study by Environmental Working Group (EWG) in 2009 demonstrated there were 232 industrial chemicals found in the cord blood of newborn babies they tested in various regions of the country. 232...let that number sink in. If you had a bottle of some type of cleaning spray, let's say there are maybe 10 ingredients at most? (I might add that is a pure guess) Either way, we know there are NOT 232 ingredients in one single bottle of a cleaning agent. That means, you have to be exposed to AND retain 232 chemicals or 20-50+ different types of chemical products in your environment from pesticides, herbicides, and fungacides to fertilizer, industrial cleaning agents, plastics, etc.

This study demonstrated a notion that was previously dispelled- environmental chemical agents pass the placental barrier and enter the circulation of unborn babies. With this new information, there was a call to action- reduce chemicals and protect unborn babies. The initial call to action stated, 'Avoid chemicals while pregnant'. While great advice, it is my intention to work deeper, start sooner, and reduce the toxic burden of parents-to-be PRIOR to conception.

A preconception detox program preferentially begins 6 months prior to conception. This allows for any remnant toxins in circulation post-detox to leave the body rather than be absorbed by the fetus. After a detox or cleansing program, I focus on chemical burden reduction in the home, diet, and with lifestyle products (sunscreens, make-up, etc).

A preconception detox is one of the MOST important elements of a natural preconception program. Current studies are showing, our environment is effecting the lifelong health and wellness babies and children. Improving baby health outcomes begins prior to conception, and involves both genetically contributing parents.

A natural preconception planning program begins with a detox and is followed by nutritional testing, hormone balancing, and education to support an ongoing low toxin and optimal nutritional plan. Preconception programs are held via online webinar regularly, or privately for a more individualized program.

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