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Preconception Detox- Where are all the toxins coming from?

'Detox' has become a popular and catch all phrase to mean 'get healthier', 'get cleaner', 'prevention', and can be worn like a badge of honor, "I can't, I'm detoxing". Which I love, all of that is GREAT! But, WHY does someone need to detox, and how? Where are all of these so-called "toxins" coming from?

In the past few decades, our world has become more and more filled with unnatural or natural yet modified constituents which can 'burden' the body at it's deepest, cellural level. This means, chemicals you take in to your body struggles to get out. An example would be, chemical pesticides and herbacides. Multiple studies have been conducted to assess pesticide body burden before and after an organic based diet. Urine samples will show detectable levels of pesticides leaving the body before an organic diet, and undetectable levels of pesticides within days of beginning an all organic diet. Reducing toxic burden in the choices we make from food to cosmetic products to cleaning products, reduces our body's toxic load making it easier to release stored toxins naturally.

During our preconception program, I discuss reducing toxic body burden at every session. It can be overwhelming to change all your products and ways of living but, step by step it can be done. It makes a significant difference in your baby's health outcome to detox AND reduce toxic body burden. An infant coming in to a chemically reduced home has the potential to enhance their IQ, limit future hormonal and cardiovascular problems, and limit allergies and asthma. Toxins are nearly universally present in cleaning agents- household and personal, processed, packaged, and non-organic food, anything plastic such as saran wrap, tupperware, or water bottles, and unfiltered water. This is just to name a few main categories which can be altered effectively to reduce total body burden.

How to Begin Reducing Toxic Burden:

1. Buy organic cheese and meat

Yes, it's expensive and can be financially limiting. Good, then eat less meat and cheese and replace with plant based products. The saturated fat in animal products carries significant toxin burden. Animals are subject to extensive pharmaceutical intervention, hormone treatments, etc the effects of which are present in their meat and milk.

2. Switch to Non-toxic Bodycare-

Sunscreen, Mineral based, Shampoo/Conditioner, Body soap, Lotion

We love our favorite brands and I can't lie- the non-toxic shampoos are not always better, BUT, what we put on our skin can penetrate into the body. It is essential to eliminate harsh chemicals in body care products. Good news- less expensive, effective products are now in the marketplace. When in doubt, check your product safety with EWG Skin Deep Guide for health and safety ratings.

3. Buy Non-toxic Household Cleaning Products

Many common cleaning products with harsh chemicals are considered neurotoxins and harmful for fetal and infant development. If it smells strong and cleans 'too well', it is likely not good for you. It can be irritating to test and try cleaning products but there are effective ones out there! When in doubt- add vinegar or use baking soda to get some extra clean shine.

4. Use House Plants and Air Purifiers

House plants naturally absorb chemicals and cleanse the air. Yes, some are 'better' than others such as ferns, palms, mother's tongue, but all plants help create a cleaner air home. Air purifiers in the bedrooms can eliminate household toxins that get 'held' in the home when windows and doors are shut all day.

5. Reduce ALL Plastic

Plastic based products are a MAJOR contributor to hormonal imbalances and ill health. Plastic water bottles, plastic food containers, plastic wrap, plastic products in cars, bathrooms, kitchens, etc all contribute to deep hormonal disruption in the body. The only safe elements, especially for food and water storage are stainless steel, water, pyrex, and silicone.

Reducing toxin burden can be done over time. Approaching the issue of toxin burden does not have to be an 'all in' mission, although that is amazing if that is your prerogative. Begin to look around you, what products you use, how you store your food, how you carry your water, what can change? What can change now? What do you research and change later? Anyway YOU approach, stay conscious of how the world around you can disrupt your and your future baby's total health and wellness.

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